White Organic Forms 2008 - 2010

Each piece is unique in form as they are all hand-made with small balls and coils that I have rolled out and then wedged together from the bottom up to create a round or tall organic form.  I texture as I go up, with objects found in nature.  From shells, bark, coral, seeds to also man made bits such as beads and stamps.

Reminiscent of the beach and rock pools, the wind erosion on the earth or whatever it is that it conjures up for you, these ceramic art works are soulful in nature and would be a beautiful addition to inside or outside your home or office.

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Height - 23cm

Base - 11cm

Circumference - 118cm



Height - 33cm

Base - 11cm

Circumference - 112.5cm



Height - 29cm

Base - 11cm

Circumference - 103cm

                            IMAGE D

                                     Height - 22cm

                            Base - 11cm

                            Circumference - 100cm



                      IMAGE E

                           Height - 25cm

                           Base - 11cm

                           Circumference - 80cm


                            FORM D

                            Height - 18.5cm

                            Base - 7.5cm

                            Circumference - 79cm 




                            FORM E

                            Height - 19cm

                            Base - 7.5cm

                            Circumference - 87cm




                            FORM F

                            Height - 21cm

                            Base - 9.5cm

                            Circumference - 94cm 




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